My Thoughts on “Watcher of the Night Sky” by Rachel Pudsey

My Thoughts on “Watcher of the Night Sky” by Rachel Pudsey


I loved this book.  It is full of twists and turns.  I can usually get a feel for a book, what it is about, what is going to happen, and as such most popular fiction, especially YA, Mid-Grade, and Children Fantasy, are predictable and boring.  But not “Watcher of the Night Sky.”  I was surprised by the turn of events about three different times in the story, and I loved it!

I was also impressed with Pudsey’s diction.  She has such a unique voice.

As far as the story is concerned, Abi wishes upon the stars, and the stars curse her.  What follows was a wonderfully creative fantasy adventure, which I greatly enjoyed and highly recommend.


By James Quinlan Meservy

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