JQM Literary Chat Welcomes Joanna White

JQM Literary Chat Welcomes Joanna White



Tell us about yourself:


Well, my name is Joanna White and I’m a Christian Author. I’ve written over 50 novels (small fun fact), but my first one is Hunter, going to be released April 30th and it’s a dream come true. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment, which deals with a lot of script writing both for television, film, and video games.



Tell us about your book:


Hunter is a Christian Fantasy filled with action, adventure, drama, tragedy, and more. I wrote it back in 2012 or 2013. It’s about a young woman named Averella who lives in a world oppressed by their government, called the Aretul. They arrest men and boys for no reason and throw them into an outdoor, inescapable prison called Zagerah. Her brother is arrested and since he’s sick, she knows he won’t survive. So the story is about the consequences of her decision to disguise herself as a man to get arrested so she can protect her brother. Unfortunately, what she doesn’t know can hurt her and in this case, it’s the prison’s genetically enhanced assassins called Hunters.



What influenced you to write your current genre?


Honestly, I’m not really sure. Before fantasy, writing was a hobby because I was back in middle and high school then. I mostly wrote Christian dramas which is not like Christian fantasy at all. Originally, with Hunter and the Valiant Series, I wanted to make an epic franchise kind of like Star Wars but completely different and definitely not sci-fi because I can’t really write sci-fi very well. Once I started writing in the fantasy genre, though, I couldn’t stop. Now since then, I’ve matured and have tried out different genres and have written/rewritten a few Christian dramas but fantasy will always be my favorite genre to write in and my go-to genre.



Who are your favorite authors?


Cassandra Clare by far. Her fantasy books are so epic and they’re an inspiration. I have my issues with her books, obviously, since she takes Christian themes and sort of twists them, but I absolutely love the characters, her descriptions are so visual and vivid, her use of language and vocabulary is another reason I read her books – to learn – and she has a lot of race and world building even though it’s actually a modern fantasy. What she does with the Shadowhunters and the Shadow World is on a large scale, kind of like Star Wars and large scale stuff is always what I aim for.


What are your favorite books?


Any of Cassandra Clare’s books (The Mortal Instruments Series, which has six books, the Infernal Devices, which has three, and the Dark Artifices which currently has three and more upcoming). I also used to read on wattpad, a site to read free books from upcoming authors, and I have several favorites on there. The Deliverer’s Destiny by sarsar14 is my absolute favorite and I also love Ariel Paiement’s works – literally any of them. She’s one of my new favorite authors as well as a good friend.


Who are your favorite literary characters?


Ooh, this is a toughie. I love Clary and Jace from Cassandra Clare’s works, but other than that, I don’t have too many more. Several writer friends of mine have had characters that have stuck with me over the years from my writing competitions. Honestly, I get so focused on writing that the characters I really invest in are my own. I have to know them almost better than I know myself, so they’ve stuck with me and usually stay a lot longer than I need them too, haha. All of the Valiant characters (also known as the Chosen), stayed with me long after I finished writing the series, so much so that I had a really difficult time writing my next project after that.



Is there anything you want to share with potential readers?


I hope that Hunter and the rest of the Valiant Series can be a story you can obsess and fangirl or fanboy over. I hope you love the characters and root for them, and long to see more of them. I hope the cliff hangers drive you insane and make you wanna read more and more, because I hope that you want to keep reading the series. I hope that you learn from it and can take away so much truth – that God loves you, that He’s with you, that He will help you through whatever you’re going through. I hope my books inspire you and encourage you and that you can delve into them and live in these worlds and take this journey with my characters and me.


Where can we go to learn more about you and your literary works?


My website: or my blog at: I also have a facebook page at: where I post all kinds of stuff about me or you can follow me on Pinterest where I literally have thousands of pins, which are all inspiration and ideas for my current works if you want to see it first; it’s also a great source of inspiration and ideas for other writers. Follow me on Pinterest at:


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