Editing on a Budget

Budgetting is not easy for authors, especially self-published & authors signed with small publishing companies.
The best way to get solid editing on your manuscript, without spending any money to it would be to barter editing services with fellow authors.
Meaning you edit one another’s book. Yes, it takes effort, and time, but by doing it, your own writing prowess will improve.

If you have some money saved up for an editor, then you can shop around for the best prices, and a good connection, you can sign up with an editing service that is electronic, like AutoCrit, or one that hires human editors to review your book. I don’t have the details on that, if you are interested in that type of service, ask for recommendations, or do a search, and choose the best option for you, your money, and your project.

Most publishing firms have at least one round of edits before a book is authorized to be published, but you also want to send them your best work possible.

Anyway, editing is not my strength.
Never has been.
I doubt it ever will be.

But I often agree to swap BETA reading with other authors, and I love seeing thier insights on how I can perfect my own story, while helping them perfect thiers.
That is why i am such a strong advocate for swapping BETA reads.
It does not always help you catch all your errors as much as hiring a professional editor will, but it is more cost effective. All it requires is some of your time.

Happy writing, and if you have any questions about editing or where to find an editor, check the author services page on my blog, or shoot me message on messenger, leave a comment, or email me at, and i can recommend you to a resource that will be more helpful than I.

By James Quinlan Meservy

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