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JQM Literary Spotlight Presents “DARCARA” by K. Michele Moseley





First, let’s get to know you a bit.  Tell us something unique about yourself:

I like to pick up extra hobbies whenever possible. I’ve been a portrait artist. I’ve done embroidery. I sew my own clothes and costumes. I like to make wood-burned art called pyrography. I taught myself how to Yodel in College. My husband and I restore old furniture. I dabble in type-writer repair. Really anything creative or having to do with restoration or repair. I love conserving old things or recreating them.


What is the Genre and Audience for this book:

It’s a young-adult fantasy. Mostly, I write books I’d have liked to read as teenager that carry a little bit of the wisdom I wish I had known back then.

What was the inspired you to write this book:

I was in a fictional slump for years between high school and graduating college. I wasn’t sure I’d ever write fiction again. But my husband, one of our friends, and I were all talking about fantasy books and dragon mythologies, and we created a kind of challenge to all come up with a unique dragon myth we’d never read or seen before. I thought of God and the Old-Testament prophets and wondered what would happen if dragons were these spiritual beings of wisdom and power that the people rejected and called monsters. The story—at least the setting, the first couple chapters, and the ending—hit me all at once like a truck.

Tell us about your book:

It centers on Aenya who was raised in a militaristic society and was coached to be the best from a young age. But she is a member of the last bloodline who can communicated with the dragons, so she knows her people aren’t doing things the way they should be, but there’s nothing she thinks she can do about it but get out. Getting out gets harder to do. War is coming.Rebellion is happening. Things are a mess. She’s been groomed to live in fear, so embracing her identity is really tough for her. It’s a bit of a twist on the “chosen one” trope. What if the chosen one was chosen for two conflicting roles? What if the chosen one doesn’t want to be chosen? What if other chosen ones before her said no, and that’s why she’s in the position in the first place?

Where can we purchase your book:

It will be available through Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, as well as the Crossover Alliance Website. I’ll be at the Realm Makers conference in July if you want to come by and get a signed copy.

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