The United as a Screenplay

The United as a Screenplay




As many of you may know already, I am working on creating The United as screenplay.  During that process, I have been reviewing The United, and thinking about what would and would not work on film.

Thus far, this is what I have:


Impressive, huh?  I’m really going to make some big waves with that one.

As far as backgrounds, well, I need Cave Spring, obviously.

TJ’s house, Amanda’s mansion, TJ and LyAnn’s home.


There has been some chatter about changing the cinematic timeline from the book so Blaze and Amanda get married when Blaze is 18, not 17.  LyAnn gets pregnant with HeatherAnn after TJ and LyAnn get married, rather than the night he proposes.  Those changes can happen, I suppose.  I did them in the book for specific reasons, but those reasons are not needed in the film.  What is needed is everyone who dies in The United book needs to die in the film, in case we do a screenplay for Shades of Mortality.


Enough from me, what about from you?  What are some things you would like to see in a film version of The United that may or may not be in the book?



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