JQM Literary Spotlight Presents Tsunami Cowboys by Jadi Campbell




First, let’s get to know you a bit.  Tell us something unique about yourself:

When I started out as a writer I would never write the words “The End” until I’d begun a new writing project, even if it was just an idea jotted down on a piece of paper, the first two paragraphs or some bit for my next story. Now I know: trust the Muse. I have more ideas for wildly diverse writing projects than I’ll ever get to finish before I die.



What is the genre and audience for this book:

Literary fiction; I do not write magical realism. With that said, in Tsunami Cowboys you may get trapped in a cult or dream other people’s lives….


What inspired you to write this book:

I was inspired by my love of travel and current events (the war in Yugoslavia, the 2004 tsunami that hit the day after Christmas, and the predictions that the world is going to end).


Tell us about your book:

As I write this, Tsunami Cowboys is long listed for the Screen Craft Cinematic Book Competition Award.

We’re all tsunami cowboys. Few people are 100% good or evil, right or wrong. In this book you’ll meet a hero with a drug problem and dangerous fantasies. And a girl whose family believes the world is about to end, plus a character who witnesses other people’s possible futures when she dreams.Life for all my characters is sometimes like a tsunami, a gigantic tidal wave that washes everything away. You drown, or you ride the wave. I am fascinated by the grey zone in the crest, that place where we make our decisions.


Where can we purchase your book:

Tsunami Cowboys is available as paperback or eBook on My author page is at





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