Lesser known facts about The United, The Realm of the Light Book 1.

Lesser known facts about The United, The Realm of the Light Book 1.

Well, actually the entire Rai Saga series, in general.

Fact 1.

The Rai Saga includes angels and demons with a shifter twist.

In the Rai Saga, after mortality, you become a Creature of Rai.  An immortal being who shape shifts into a specific animal of your choice.  The animal manifestation you choose defines your Clan in Rai.  Your clan defines your purpose in the afterlife.

Wolves are generally assigned to be the civil and military commanders.  Griffins are advisors.  Birds of Prey (falcons, hawks, eagles, and the like) are Guardian Angels to mortals.

Why did I create it that way?  That’s simple, that is how I saw it in my dreams.

Fact 2.

Every living mortal has access to the magical abilities to one’s own world.  The only difference between the wizards and witches (or whatever other name you want to give them such as warlock, sorceress, and so on) and the non-magic folk is training and experience.

Fact 3.

There are multiple Realms of Mortality in the Rai Saga. Some examples from the books are Realm of the Light (TJ’s mortal realm), Realm of Zhestoviya (Master Serv’s mortal realm), Realm of Tyomnata (Ot’s mortal realm), Realm of the Triad (I have yet to write any stories that take place on the Realm of the Triad, but I have epic ideas of the story), and the Realm of Terra (our world).

Fact 4.

The Realm of the Light is a parallel realm to our own.  I originally did not create it that way, however, after a conversation with my publisher after he read The United, he pointed out that he felt The Realm of the Light Series would work out better for me if I made it a parallel realm.  I thought about his suggestion, liked his suggestion, and then had to rewrite every book I had drafted in the Realm of the Light Series to be consistent with that suggestion. 

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