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My Thoughts on Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

My Thoughts on Black Beauty by Anna Sewell


I admit that I only read “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell because it is one my daughters favorite books, and I thought it would be nice if I read it, and we could talk about it.

For everyone not familiar with the story, it is told from the point of view of horse, as he talks about his experiences in mid- to late-nineteenth century England.  He spent some time in the country as a riding horse, some time pulling carriages, some time in London as a cab horse, and eventually back on a country estate as a riding horse.

Some of his owners were kind and considerate to horses, some not so much.

Black Beauty was great story, well told, and fantastic character development.  But what I enjoyed the most from the whole experience was being able to sit down with my daughter and talk about one of her favorite books.

By James Quinlan Meservy

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