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My Thoughts on “The Autobiography of Mark Twain Part 1” from The Mark Twain Project

My Thoughts on “The Autobiography of Mark Twain Part 1” from The Mark Twain Project


I loved this so much!

I had a lot of fun listening to old stories of from one of my favorite authors.

I loved his way of telling an autobiography, rambling here and there in no order what so ever, just talking about whatever interested him at the time he was speaking with his stenographer.

I can honestly say that in the past hundred plus years, if Mark Twain’s point of view on politics is any indication, that his and my political points of view are identical.  And that the American Political Landscape has not changed at all in the last hundred years.  The only things that have changed are the names of the players, and the quantities of money that are being put into the political machines of either party.

I loved listening to his boyhood adventures, and listening to him compare what happened as a boy to what he described in Tom Sawyer.

The various little stories and newspaper articles he wrote for various journals that he was able to add to his collection of autobiographical sketches were very interesting.

And I can attest to the idea that little scraps of news that happened in his day are of interest to readers, or at least me, when I read a hundred years later.

One thing about Mark Twain’s autobiography that I do not know is how much of his life was truly colorful, or did it just seem colorful because of his unique way of describing it.


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