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My Thoughts on Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathon Swift

My Thoughts on Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathon Swift


Like so many classic titles, I came into this story knowing a thing or two about the story.  I recall watching a made-for-TV Mini-Series of “Gulliver’s Travels” when I was a teenager.  And I recall watching a cartoon or two about the story.  So when “Gulliver’s Travels” finally got to the top of my read list, I was excited, and Jonathon Swift did not disappoint.

I loved all the political and social commentary, especially all the times he called out his society for its various injustices and customs that are contrary to common sense when talking to people from various parts of the world.

However, I do have this question.  After the first adventure, and how badly that went for him, what in the world did he expect to happen on his following adventures?  I mean, when he left on his forth journey, what was he expecting?  To leave England, have an uneventful merchant trip, and come home?  Seriously, I bet he was excited to be exiled on the fourth journey, and excited to land and begin his fourth adventure.


I loved this read.  There were a few times I laughed out loud.  More than once I wondered if Jonathon Swift was insane to attack his countrymen so openly, and the entire time I kept thinking how much political landscapes have not changed in the past 300 years.

I also feel bad for Gulliver’s wife and children.  Each time he came home, they were so excited to learn he was alive, but he was a completely different man.  His family never got the chance to get to know him because he changed so dramatically after each adventure, and he missed out on his children’s childhood while adventuring in whole new worlds.

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