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My Thoughts on The Swarm by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston

My Thoughts on The Swarm by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston


Yes, I am still reading the Ender-Verse books as they come out and I am able to get my hands on a copy.

The Swarm was an interesting addition to the Ender-verse.  And to be honest, I was only engaged with it as a reader because of how much I knew about, and cared for the characters.  As a stand alone, The Swarm was not that great.  But as a continuation in the story of the First Formic Wars, and how the Second Formic War happened, well in that light it was an interesting bit of “history,” if you will.

I was surprised with one thing I can share here.  I was very surprised with how excited I was to see my old friends, Victor and Imala, Lem Jukes (who I hated at first, but am now starting to like a bit more every time I get to see his character ARC), Mazer Rackam (let’s face it, I was a fan of Mazer’s since Ender’s Game), and Bingwen.


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