My Thoughts on Ember Rising by SD Smith

My Thoughts on Ember Rising by SD Smith

My journey through the Green Ember series continued with Ember Rising by SD Smith.

I must admit that the plot of Ember Rising captivated my attention more so than the first two books. I think it was because Smith is great storyteller, and did a wonderful job getting me to care about these rabbits through books 1 & 2. I don’t mean about Heather and Pickett nearly as much as I mean about the rabbit resistance as a whole.

The undying hope of those faithful to rabbit resistance despite their impossible odds against the hawks and the wolves is a great inspiration for me. And for my children. Though, I must say as much as I enjoyed Ember Rising, my children loved it ten times more.

I think the biggest takeaway for me as an author from this installment in the Green Ember series is to remember the importance of hope. In my own writing, I get so intense with the whole drama and trauma can influence my characters into action that I forget that hope for a brighter future can be just as strong as a motivator.

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