My Thoughts on Collateral Carnage by Chris Saper

My Thoughts on Collateral Carnage by Chris Saper

I read this on a recommendation from a friend. I am not a huge fan of thriller books, and I didn’t really engage well with some of the characters, but I loved the behind-the-scenes puppet-master who invested in the drug. And I loved all the characters that acted with integrity and stood up for their values no matter what.

And I think that is my takeaway from Collateral Carnage. That even when a reader doesn’t care much for the plot, if you write compelling characters that are relatable, and willing to take a stand, your reader may enjoy the book even though it is not their usual genre. I know that was my case. I didn’t care about the big corporate corruption or the bad guys chasing the good guys, or any of it. I cared about the characters, and I loved the characters that were willing to take a stand, even though they knew it would cost them their lives. In this case, I mean going into witness protection and literally starting a whole new life.

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