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New Year, Old Health Concerns, Old Resolutions, New Approach

Mornin Friends,

2022 is memory, 2023 is present, and I need to make changes if I am to have a healthy 2024.

My old resolutions are to be creative in my writing, help other authors be creative, and provide for my family.

My old health concern is my post concussive syndrome. I see what happens to professional athletes who have frequent concussions, and I understand first hand the long term effects they will face. My fist concussion occurred as a child, when my family was in a car accident, I said it was an old health concern. My most severe concussion happened when I was 20. I was hit so hard in the head that I flew in the air, and landed on my back a few feet away from where I was hit. All curvature in my spine was knocked straight by the impact. Every “mild” concussion since is accompanied by severe concussion symptoms, and it has taken me as long as fifteen years after a major concussion to have a full week without any symptoms. My most frequent symptoms are headaches, migraines, nausea, and brain fog.

My new approach is to limit screen time as much as possible, and limit physical activity to only those days that I do not have headaches. That means I am scaling on creative writing on a computer. I will still be creating new content, but the original drafts have been and will continue to be written on pen and paper, and the transcribing onto my word processor will take longer, and limited to only those days when I am feeling well.

Part of limiting my screen time will be only releasing a Newsletter once a quarter rather than monthly.

I will still be available to schedule blog post author interviews and blog post book spotlights, but if you have a specific date in mind for your interview, please give me at least 2 weeks notice. If you have any questions, please contact me at jqm.serv@jqmserv

I understand my new approach will slow down my productivity, and will limit my creative time, but I am hoping that as I follow the advise of my doctors, I will be back to my old self (before the 2020 concussion) sooner.


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