Becoming Captain Torriegh

In the near future, the Yellowstone hot spot blows its top. A small group of people are saved by the inspiration and preparation of High Priestess Stockton. The High Priestess had filled a cave with the necessities of life while the lava flowed and ash fall. When the destruction is over, she leads her flock back to the surface of the earth to find everything had changed.

Several generations later, Nesvik stands on the shores of Lake Bonneville and dreams of freedom. Freedom and truth about the 21st century.

Becoming Captain Torriegh is available exclusively in Iron Walls, A Burning Embers Anthology. Iron Walls releases on October 26, 2021.

Iron Walls: A Burning Embers Dystopian Anthology

History shows us the horrors of totalitarianism, but what would a future world under a totalitarian regime look like? These eight tales of dystopia take readers behind the iron walls to answer that question.

Illuminare by Atlas Rose
“Their utopia is his dystopia, but can he find the key to the regime’s cage?”

The Scapekite by Steven E. Scribner
“One old man with a kite and an imagination challenges the company that had bought the world.”

Unbound by Joshua Reid
“He’d been freed, but had he truly escaped?”

Games Reapers Play by Michaela Baker
“A man ripped away from his family years ago must protect a wrongly-accused girl in an arena of death.”

In Pursuit of Independence by Astrid V.J.
“An economist must pull the Haldrian Empire back from the brink of war; it might be the best or worst day of her life.”

The Ones Who Endured by Joanna White
“Is there more to strength than physical power?”

Defiant Flame by Amanda Wrights
“The resistance’s commander must protect a young child from a government that wishes to weaponize her.”

Becoming Captain Torriegh by James Quinlan Meservy
“Nesvik lives in a world where men can only dream of freedom, but he will do anything to make it his reality.”

If you like stories of dystopia with a variety of sub-genres and flavors, then you’ll love this collection of eight dystopian tales. Buy Iron Walls now to find out what awaits behind the iron walls.

All proceeds are being donated to Voice of the Martyrs.