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JQM LITERARY SPOTLIGHT PRESENTS Kingdom of the Faeries: Edenhart’s Rivalry by J.N. Tomczak

JQM LITERARY SPOTLIGHT PRESENTS Kingdom of the Faeries: Edenhart’s Rivalry by J.N. Tomczak


I love everything retro, and my author logo reflects that. I’m a big fan of the Dark Crystal as well as the Lord of the Rings. I collect nerdy stuff from fandoms I love, like POPs and figurines. I love learning about history, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War in particular. I am also the proud owner of one cat and three pet frogs. When I’m not daydreaming about made-up worlds and characters, I’m usually hanging out with my wonderful husband and biggest fan.


YA Epic Fantasy


After I read and fell in love with the Redwall series, I wanted to give back to the writing community. It amazed me that the power of words alone could conjure all these emotions inside me while reading. It was a pivotal moment for me, the moment I discovered my love for fantasy. I thought it would be awesome if I could write something that meant that much to someone else.


AN ANCIENT CURSE. A KINGDOM IN PERIL. ONE FAERIE TO SAVE THEM ALL… Darkness is spreading across the kingdoms—and one faerie stands between destruction and survival. Aurora’s peaceful existence is shattered by an unexpected tragedy that leaves her as the last surviving heir to the throne. But her reign is threatened before it can even begin. Her court swells with spies and traitors. There are growing tales of a mysterious blight. Strange riders abroad are hunting for something—or someone. On the day of her coronation, she and her loyal friend, Percy, the newly appointed Flight Captain, discover an ancient prophecy sealed away and guarded in a secret chamber beneath the castle. There they uncover a sinister plot that will spiral her people into a war they cannot win on their own. Her courage and wit will be her greatest weapons if she hopes to succeed where others have failed. She must ask herself just how far is she willing to go to save her kingdom and at what costs?


Amazon. Available for Kindle Unlimited.

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Beware the Violet Silver Daggers Tour

Beware the Violet Silver Daggers Tour

The Eulogimenoi Series Book 1

by Maria Vermisoglou

Genre: YA Fantasy

Discovering supernatural creatures are real is one thing but learning I have powers and learning to use them is quite a feat.
My name is Violet Webb. I live in a small town that nearly worships Halloween but I hate it. I can’t wait until I graduate and get as far as I can from that silliness.

Everything changed when I followed the white rabbit. I ended up in a Realm full of vampires, fairies, witches and every creature possible.

Oh, Did I mention Jacques?
The hot shapeshifter with the French accent that makes me see rabbits everywhere?

Now what?

Some bloody lady of Fate gave me a prophecy to get home. The only problem is that I must defeat the darkness before it swallows both of our worlds.

Can I go through without making the ultimate sacrifice?



Book Trailer:

About the Author

Librarian. Reader. Writer. Reviewer.

Maria Vermisoglou is an International Bestselling fantasy author and she loves throwing her heroes into impossible situations. She draws inspiration from books, travels and…the ceiling. (So, blame the ceiling!)

She started writing 4 years ago when an idea came to her. That idea started all…
When she’s not writing, she loves a good riding on the fantasy dragon but a book can also be exciting along with a cup of tea.
She’s currently residing in Crete as a librarian, battling monsters and supernatural creatures from overcoming the world.

In July 2018, she was nominated as the second place winner in the First Annual Indie Awards as the Favourite New Female Author.

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When the Story Chooses the Author by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

An Echo of the Fae_Internet Use


When the Story Chooses the Author


Jenelle Leanne Schmidt


Out of all the ideas for all the stories in all the world, I decided to write this one. Why? Well, that’s kind of a funny story. Because the truth of the matter is that I didn’t actually choose to write this story. It chose me.


That probably sounds ridiculous. But it’s true.


I had been bouncing ideas around for a Rapunzel retelling for about six months, but hadn’t come up with anything more than a basic premise that involved Rapunzel being a selkie who was kidnapped by the fae when she was very young, with a yearning for something she couldn’t name, because she’d never seen the sea.


Beyond that, I didn’t have much else in mind for this story, and I had a 5-book fantasy/gaslamp series I was working on called The Turrim Archive, and that took precedence. I had no intention of writing this book anytime soon.


However, in March of 2019, during which our family was moving and I was purposefully taking a month off from writing so that I could focus on the move, the idea for this story lodged itself in my brain and refused to give me any peace. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I sat down and wrote out a 1400-word outline just to try to get it to leave me alone, but it wouldn’t.


I wrote the first scene.


Still no relief.


March ended, April began, and I went back to writing the final book in my Turrim Archive, but every word was a struggle.


April ended and May began. Writing the Turrim Archive continued to be a monumental effort. Occasionally, I would pause and write a little bit of Echo’s story, and the words would come pouring out effortlessly.


One night I dreamed an entire scene of Echo’s story, and when I woke up, it still made sense. That had never happened to me before.


It was at that moment that I had an epiphany. I was thinking about Samuel from the Bible, and how God audibly spoke to him and called his name 3 times before Eli or Samuel realized that it was God speaking to him. It’s easy to look at the characters in the Bible and think they were super dense not to realize certain things, and it was then that I paused and asked, “Lord, am I the idiot, here?”


I decided to talk it over with my husband (for surely he would talk me out of this ridiculous notion, nobody on the planet wants me to finish Turrim Archive more than he does!) and he said that maybe I should pause on Turrim Archive and write this new story!


So I did. And the words continued to flow. I finished the book in less than 2 months, and can honestly say that this story was the easiest one I’ve ever written.


As for why I chose to write it? I can’t answer that in any sort of satisfactory way other than to say that I didn’t. This time, the story chose me.



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Tales of Ferrês by KM Jenkins Book Tour

Tales of Ferrês by KM Jenkins Book Tour


Thanks for stopping by for the Tales of Ferres Blog Tour! I got a special treat for you filled with fantasy stories that will keep you wanting more. Tales of Ferrês is Speculative Fiction author K.M. Jenkins’ first official book in print. The stories are filled with wonder, magic, and fantastical creatures. You won’t miss a thing and will die for more. Don’t forget to check out the other blogs too! They make this tour happen and each one has something special to showcase. Sit back, read and enjoy. Also on a special note Tales of Ferrês is discounted to $1.99 until Friday, May 29th, so grab it for the low price while you can.

Tales of Ferrês

Legendary Tales Book 1

Since the beginning of time, one kingdom in the world of Tarzinëa has remained a mystery. Very few have entered its depths and survived. Walk alongside our heroes and watch their tales unfold as they enter the Forest of Ferrês. Discover everything from wolves so large they look like full grown ponies, to devil creatures that lurk in the night. Expect the unexpected as you venture into the magical land of Ferrês where not everything is as it seems.

Purchase Today for the discounted price of $1.99!

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Bonds of Friendship

Jerked back to reality, a wide-eyed and gaping Karigan followed as trees parted to reveal a path covered by undisturbed dirt littered with fallen leaves. She hesitated, knowing the path led deeper into the forest. Ralph said no one ever comes out once they go in. But what if the forest draws you in? What happens then? Curiosity won as Karigan stepped forward, taking the path deeper into the Forest of Ferrês. All Karigan knew was that a mystery awaited her, and something told her it was best to keep moving.

Moments of wonder swiftly turned into regret as the trees grew larger and the fairy’s glow fought to keep the darkness away. “Excuse me, Alia, but where are we going?” The light swayed as Alia hovered to a stop beneath a large archway. Karigan stepped closer, eyeing the darkness within and looking over her shoulder as little Alia sat down on a nearby stump.

“Go inside,” Alia said.

“But it’s so dark.”

Giggles rang out as Alia swooped into the air, circling about her and creating particles of dust. “Do not fear, for in darkness is light. Go inside.” The little fairy shoved her back forcefully, making Karigan stumble forward through the archway.

Nothing. All she could see was nothing. Where is the damn light! Panic gripped her. Calm, yourself, Karigan. It won’t do to lose your head. Just breathe and try to relax. Fairies are supposed to be good, trustworthy. Oh…by the gods, the damn fairy is trying to kill me!

Her eyes flew open, and her breathing grew frantic as fear pressed in on her lungs.


“What was that?” She turned around. To her dismay, the exit had disappeared. “How the hell?”


I’m going to die! She faltered, stumbling over a branch. Karigan hit the ground hard, knocking the wind out of herself. Fear consumed her.


Jumping to her hands and knees, Karigan’s eyes locked on the nearby trees. Slowly, her eyes adjusted as she watched, and waited. Silence weighed on her until a rabbit crashed through the brush beneath a nearby tree. “Oh, thank the stars…it’s just a rabbit.”

About the Author

K.M. Jenkins is a published international bestselling author that writes epic battles, forbidden romance, and tales of fantasy and adventure. She has a big love for the fantasy genre and loves dragons above all creatures.When she is not writing, you will find her chasing her twin boys around the house. Between the three she has epic battles throughout the day and nothing ever gets boring.

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Buddy the Blue Corgi Series by Suzanna Lynn Blog Tour

Buddy the Blue Corgi Series by Suzanna Lynn Blog Tour

Hello everyone! Let’s start off with saying hi to the main character in the book. Hi Buddy! He is the authors loving dog. How awesome is that? Buddy inspired Suzanna Lynn to begin writing childrens book that have a meaningful story behind them. Let’s see what Buddy is up to below.

You Are Special (Book 1, Buddy the Blue Corgi Series)

Buddy is a curious little puppy with a big personality. When he discovers he looks different than the other corgis, he feels like he doesn’t belong. However, Buddy’s momma will help him see that being different is all part of God’s plan!
Good Things Take Time (Book 2, Buddy the Blue Corgi Series)

Buddy and his siblings have grown, and it’s time for them to go to their forever homes. As families come to claim their new puppies, Buddy becomes anxious and worries that he will never get adopted. However, with a little encouragement from his momma, Buddy will discover that God’s plan is greater than any disappointment.


Buddy the Blue Corgi is here to help children through the tough times they encounter in life — from feeling like they don’t belong to dealing with bullies. Buddy’s stories offer your children an uplifting message and an easy-to-understand Bible scripture to show them God is always with them.



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