Definition of Evil

Definition of Evil by James Quinlan Meservy

Temptation has never been so real

Zebulon Smith pondered which plump lemon Danish held the poison. Would he take a bite despite knowing that half of the handcrafted confections were laced with a deadly powder?  His mouth watered as he savored the aroma of the offered pastry. It looked delightful. But if he took a bite, it could be his last.

One question rose to the top: If I partake, am I evil?  

The thought sunk deep into his soul and now it was demanding an answer. The difference between good and evil was always a hypothetical question best left to religious scholars. But as he looked at the lemon filling, the concept took on a whole new meaning.

Still, he had to know. He had to discover the real answer.

Join Zebulon Smith on an epic journey of discovery as he struggles to uncover what makes one man a good hero, and another an evil villain.