Interview Requests

Are you looking to reach more readers?
Do you want to talk about your book?
Then you’re in luck my friend.


Because my blog is waiting for you to share your story!

A recent decision has been made to go beyond reviewing & spotlighting stories by YA & Children Fantasy authors.

This choice is a wonderful opportunty for you to participate in JQM Literary Spotlights on Monday evenings (other time may be scheduled upon request). You may choose to fill out 1 spotlight per published title.

Yeah, that’s great isn’t it??

The interviews are simple, i have written out a literature themed questions on a word document and on a Google Form. I leave the For your information, here is the interview I did with my friend with Tessonja Odette.

If you are interested in having me review your book, just ask. I read every every genre, well, except, your story cannot be romance or erotica.

Sorry, but that’s the rule. Why?

For two rather rational reasons:

One, my 15 year old niece follows this blog.

And two, I don’t read romance.

A final note before you submit your story for spotlight consideration…
If your story is of adult nature (like cussing or adult situations) I kindly ask that you keep the content of your post PG-13.
(I don’t like hearing complaints from my little sister about the contents of my blog b/c my niece saw something not meant for her age group).

If you are interested in being a featured author on my website, fill out this Google Form

Or you can email me for the questionnaire in a Word Doc format at