Lord of the Deep, A Dragon’s Deceit Short Story

Lord of the Deep

A Dragon’s Deceit Short Story

James Quinlan Meservy

The peaceful haven of Downspyre was deep in the bowls of the earth, safely hidden under the Spyres Mountain Range. It was home to Dwarves, Puka, Morakes, and many other races of the underground world. The mighty dragon, Killrack, protected all who sought refuge under the mountain.

That is until Lord Dragon, Killrack’s clan leader, paid an unexpected visit. How will Killrack balance protecting his friends while fulfilling the demands of his clan? Will Killrack discover a way to finally break free from his clan leader’s control?

Lord of the Deep is an introductory short story to the magical world of Dragon’s Deceit by International Bestselling Author, James Quinlan Meservy.


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