Perfectly Evil, The Realm of the Light Book 3

Arctyrus Hunter is proud, established, successful, and most importantly, wickedly evil. While Vulktyramous Hunter is the antithesis of such; and his followers agree, hanging on his every word and example of strong leadership. At least they did, until the day of his supposed death; one of three from the Second Great Denizen War. His sister Amyrith, along with Arctyrus, were the only two others who remained. Pinned to the floor by a sword through the chest on the floor of the Roman Coliseum, Vulktyramous only dreamed of the day that he might seek out revenge on his little brother for trying to have him killed, but even more so, allowing him to live.

To help him achieve his goal, Vulktyramous must befriend the Four Creatures of Rai and enter into the Realm of Light in an effort to resurrect a great army of denizen children to war against his brother Arctyrus. Beneath the ruins of Pompeii, Vulktyramous will unleash his plans of revenge, with little to no regard for anyone standing in his way. But what he doesn’t know, is that Arctyrus is ready, preparing an army of his won. And when the war ensues, the title of greatest ‘Hunter’ is the least prize at stake.