Spiraling Fate of A Strazmei, A Realm of the Light Short Story


Bear is dead.

Lady Caryn is dead.

Svet-Lan-Addock is dead.

But Zrete-Vi-Addock’s trials are just beggining.

After the War of the Neighboring Nations comes to an end, Myrr and Buz-Perr-Addock seek peace. The obvious solution is for Zrete-Vi-Addock, now Queen of Buz-Perr-Addock, to wed her childhood sweetheart, Wolf, who ascends to the throne of Myrr.

But their ever after is not happy.

Spiraling Fate of A Strazmie is exclusively available in Hidden Worlds: The Dwelling

Once You Enter, You Will Never Want To Leave

This is a published collection of the best short stories of science fiction and fantasy from five celebrated anthology authors. These tales capture the imagination and take you to places in the authors’ collective minds, that link either directly or indirectly to their other highly acclaimed books. Be drawn in by the origin story behind the mystery of the clones in Riser’s ACE. Or be transported to the first mission of Prince Bounty Hunter Derry in Cosby’s BROKEN PRINCE. And how about some superhero fiction love with an original lead into the lore behind Metatron with St. John’s THE ENVISIONED GUARDIAN. While Peyton whisks you away into the future where even artificial intelligence exhibit feelings in HOW A ROBOT WEEPS. And lastly, read how Meservy lays the foundation for his enthralling fantasy world with THE SPIRALING FATE OF A STRAZMEI.