The Viscount of Sternboard, A Realm of the Light Novella

The Viscount of Sternboard, A Realm of the Light Novella

James Quinlan Meservy

Civilian life is not what Cyrus McCreed expected.

All he wants is time to unwind from his ten year military tour on the Indian Peninsula after he returned home to the kingdom of the British Isles.

With each turn he is hounded to claim his title of Viscount, to uphold his promise to marry his childhood friend upon his return and to stave off another woman’s attempts to steal his heart.

While Cyrus is distracted a new threat appears hunting him from the shadows. Questions of trust and loyalty are at stake as his family and loved ones keep secrets from him.

Will Cyrus claim his title, keep his promise and uncover all that is hidden? Or will he become the threat’s next victim?



Enjoy this novella (28.5K words) by Amazon & International Bestselling Author James Quinlan Meservy


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