Within The Shadows, Rai Saga Anthology, Vol. 1

Within The Shadows

Rai Saga Anthology, Vol. 1

-James Quinlan Meservy

The First Creature of Rai, Azreal, Member of the Howler Clan, woke on the Hill of Entrance, saw the beauty of the then newly created Realm of Rai. One passion engulfed his every thought ever since. To be the sole ruler of the afterlife. He was so close to achieving his goal. All he had left to do to have enough power to challenge the Light, the Threat, and the Strazmei for ultimate dominion was conquer the mortal Realm of the Light.

Origin of an Oracle:
Deep in the MesoAmerican jungles, a young Hyaryl devoted her soul to the Master of the Deep Swamp for the ability to control the weather. But now she is questioning whether it was worth the sacrifice.

Welcome to the Realm of Rai:
The day Jonathon Hunter died, he learned two very important lessons. First, death was not the end of existence. Second, he was alone.

The First Denizen War:
Olya, Daughter of Valhalla, loved the Norse people. She loved her family. She loved the island of Valhalla. But most importantly, she loved Kyralt. Kyralt loved her, too. But when war breaks out, is their love enough to keep them together?

When the Second Denizen War comes to Mount Olympus, Persephone flees. But is there any place in the world far enough away to escape the grasp of battle?

I Am Master Serv:
Naservin Mastrov has one goal. Become the greatest master of Previst-Sil to ever live on the Realm of Zhestoviya. But to do so, Nservin must find his estranged brother and convince his brother to teach him.

Ashes of Tragedy:
Cyrus McCreed is faced with a decision. Act and save his great-nephew from certain death, or trust in the Light, and watch as tragedy strikes.

Unicorn Dreams:

Amanda Adams must face her past. In doing so, she realizes the true influence angels and demons have on mortals.

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