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Meet Graeme Cumming

JQM LITERARY CHAT Welcomes Graeme Cumming

Graeme Cumming 23 F 10x8 V2.jpgTell us about yourself:


Hi, I’m Graeme Cumming, and I’m an author living in Robin Hood country. No outlaws these days, just lots of trees and great places to walk and enjoy the countryside.

Graeme Cumming has wide and varied tastes when it comes to fiction so he’s conscious that his thrillers can cross into territories including horror, fantasy and science fiction as well as more traditional arenas.

When not writing, Graeme is an enthusiastic sailor (and, by default, swimmer), and enjoys off-road cycling and walking.  He is currently Education Director at Sheffield Speakers Club.  Oh yes, and he reads (a lot) and loves the cinema.


Tell us about your book:


Driving down a road one day, I noticed a group of black birds at the side. As I drew closer, some more arrived and I said: “Did you see those ravens gathering?” The phrase leapt out at me as a great title for a book, but it sounded creepy, which wasn’t my natural inclination as a writer. As a result, when I came to write it, Ravens Gathering wasn’t a true horror story. It’s probably more accurate to say horror puts in a cameo appearance, along with a few other genres. The end result?


A stranger’s arrival in a small village coincides with a tragic accident.  For the Gates family in particular it’s more than a coincidence, but unease increases following a brutal attack.  As tensions rise, a dark past returns to haunt them and others, while newcomers to the village are drawn into a mystery with terrifying consequences.  And only a select few know why the ravens are gathering.

Ravens Gathering Cover.jpg


What influenced you to write your current genre?


As I’ve already indicated, Ravens Gathering doesn’t fit neatly into a specific genre, so I guess the thing that influences me is the idea of entertaining, rather than slotting into a pigeonhole. I loved the author John Gardner. One of the series he wrote was about a character called Boysie Oakes, a kind of accidental secret agent. At the time, the tag line for each of the books in the series was: A Boysie Oakes Entertainment. That concept has stuck with me since. I won’t be writing any high-minded literary fiction. I’ll be more than happy if readers see my books as entertainments.



Who are your favorite authors?


In reality, my favourite authors change regularly, as I discover more. Over the years, the ones that have probably stuck with me the most are John Gardner, Wilbur Smith, Trevanian, Clive Cussler, Dean Koontz, Robert B Parker, William Diehl, William Goldman, Alistair MacLean and Desmond Bagley. In more recent times, I think JK Rowling deserves a special mention. Not because of Harry Potter particularly, but the fact that she’s subsequently demonstrated she can write well in other genres too.



What are your favorite books?


I’ve been influenced by a lot of books over the years, but don’t tend to go back and re-read them. The most obvious exceptions are:


Eagle in the Sky by Wilbur Smith still has the ability to reduce me to tears in the last few pages.


Shibumi by Trevanian takes the espionage/assassin story in whole different direction and compelled me to buy a Volvo – though I couldn’t bring myself to kick it.


The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. I was introduced to the story through movie versions, but the novel is a classic adventure that stands the test of time.


Who are your favorite literary characters?


Even though I tend to write heroic characters, I do love a proper hero.  The best examples for me are:


The Simon Templar of the Leslie Charteris novels. As much a villain as a hero, he was harder hitting than any of his big- or small-screen incarnations.


Nicholai Hel, the protagonist in Shibumi. A complex character, with an incredible back story, and the ultimate assassin.


Spenser by Robert B Parker. A classic private eye, but with a great sense of humour and a keen eye for justice.



Is there anything you want to share with potential readers?


Just a taster…


As she let her gaze drift around her, she saw that there were more birds.  Perhaps a dozen or so, perched among the trees that stood on the edge of the clearing.  And yet more were arriving, swooping down through the gap overhead and landing on branches that overlooked them.  The birds weren’t threatening, yet the sight of them all coming together in this dark and isolated spot was unnerving.  Tanya reached a hand out towards Martin, and was relieved to feel him take it.  She felt him move in behind her.  After the uncertainty she’d experienced with him in a similar position only a few moments ago, she recognised the irony of her reaction.  His closeness offered security. 


“You know what they are, don’t you?” 



Where can we go to learn more about you and your literary works?


I wouldn’t necessarily consider what I write to be literary works, though they are literate! (Have I said that I’m happy if the reader is simply entertained?)


My website is:, where details of Ravens Gathering and forthcoming books can be found.


You can also buy the e-book here in the US, or here in the UK




Where to buy:

For a signed copy:

Tales of Lite and Darkness

The New Reign
Of Light and Darke Book 1
by M.L. Ruscsak
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Read It before you see It. Coming soon to Cinema!!!
Eighteen years ago, Princess Nisha became an orphan just days after her birth.
Her parents and all of those with Fey blood are all gone – consumed
by a fire that none had been able to stop. Or at least this is what
is told, this is what is spoken aloud. Truth? Perhaps.
But these are words Nisha has never trusted, couldn’t trust since they
have never sounded quite right. Yet, not even her beloved aunt ever
believed her when she questioned the events of that night.
No one believed her when she had turned thirteen and she became the
queen of the Under Kingdom. They didn’t trust her when her powers and
natural abilities began to grow to frightening results. That was fine
if they didn’t want to believe her then – once she was home and
crowned Queen of Darke, then she would show them. Once she was Queen
then she would find every answer that she had ever wanted.
It wouldn’t matter who or what stood in her way, for she would show them
why she should be feared. She would show them what was created when
her parents were stolen from her.
For she is Nisha and she is the daughter of the darkness.
The Fallen
Of Lite and Darke Book 2
Read It before you see It. Coming soon to Cinema!!!
You know what has come to be but do you know where it began?
Before Nisha. Before Adrianna. Before the countries even had names, there
were the Star Cities. Ruled each in their own way… all answering to
Primitiva was born the second daughter of the royal house
of Lunaista. She was born for greatness. Born to be the first as her
name suggested. If she stayed on her safe little star she would
either die without ever knowing her true potential or be forced into
marriage. Neither appealed to her.
A vision told her the
truth. Death would come for her if she stayed. Leaving her only child
under the cover of darkness she did the unthinkable and dove into the
abyss. Somewhere out here was her destiny. Somewhere she would find a
way to help her sister survive.
Somehow the child that she saw
in her vision would be born. That child would one day rule both
Pallas and unify the Star Cities. She just had to make sure the
bloodlines for that that birth would come forth- even if it meant
turning her back on all that she had ever known.
Secrets, Lies and Betrayal
Of Lite and Darke Book 3
Read It before you see It. Coming soon to Cinema!!
In the world of Lite and Darke reader be warned: not all is as it seems.
What is truth and what is lies? That is for you to decide.
In this collection of four short stories travel back in time and find
out how Vasilissa became Queen.
Find out the truth about how Myrddin came to be betrothed to
Think you know why Larna killed her family? Find out if you are right.
And see if you can figure out how much Nisha really knew about her
parents before becoming the queen of Darke.
These questions and more are answered in this installment of the Lite and
Darke Series.
Born In 1982, a native to Lorain Ohio, Melisa grew up living with her
grandparents Frances and James Lasure. She attended Clearview High
School as well as Lorain County J.V.S. While in J.V.S she attended
the Culinary Arts program graduating in 2001.
In 2011 near tragedy
struck as Melisa’s health began to decline. By summer of 2011 she
would need to use a cane to get around. Suffering a stroke, she
required a craniotomy where she suffered her second stroke. Leaving
her with a partial impairment of her speech, and weakness on her
right side. After surgery, she would need to learn not only to
walk again, but speak as well as recognize the alphabet.
In 2003 she welcomed
the addition of her daughter Chyenne. Who inspired her to start to
put her dreams to paper. A story she wrote after her daughter’s
birth, although not published, became the stepping stone to
everything else she would eventually write.
A year later she would begin to write “Of Lite and Darke” Dreaming to see
this work through to publishing, even if she would need to publish it
In 2016, she would see her dream come true. With her daughter as her editor “Of
Lite and Darke” was born.
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Fountain Dead Book Tour

Fountain Dead
by Theresa Braun
Genre: YA Horror
Mark is uprooted from his home and high school in the Twin Cities and
forced to move with his family into a Victorian in Nowhere-ville.
Busy with the relocation and fitting in, Mark’s parents don’t see
what’s unfolding around them—the way rooms and left behind
objects seem alive with a haunted past.
Of course, Mark keeps his ghostly encounters to himself, all the while
sinking deeper into the house’s dark, alluring, and ultimately
terrifying history. As romantic entanglements intensify, the
paranormal activity escalates. Past and present come together.
Everything is connected—from the bricks in the walls to the hearts
beating in their chests, all the secrets of Fountain Dead are finally
Theresa Braun was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and has carried some of that
hardiness with her to South Florida where she currently resides. An
English teacher and adjunct college professor for over thirteen
years, she continues to share her enthusiasm for literary arts with
her students. She earned a Masters in English literature with a
thesis on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. In her spare time, she
enjoys delving into her own creative writing, painting, photography
and even ghost hunting. Spending time with her family and traveling
as often possible are two of her passions. In fact, her world
meanderings are often backdrops for her work. Striving to make the
world a better place is something dear to her heart.

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