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Marketing Madness Within a Community

This month I have been thinking of what we can do as a community of authors to help each other market and promote our books and sales.
And I have a few suggestions, listed in no particular order.
* Share each other’s blog posts & social media posts of authors who write similar genres as you with your followers and friends. Our followers are readers, and as we know, a devoted reader never has enough books, and we (or at least I) am always on the lookout for my next favorite author.
* Participate in Newsletter Swaps. That is great way to find new readers. Personally i use Story Origin to help me organize my newsletter swaps, but however you do it, it is a great way to help share the works of your fellow authors while sharing your books with new readers.
* If you have the ability and prowess to create new promotional images, offer to make images for others, either by way of bartering for services or paid services. Many authors (myself chief among them) lack abilities to utilize photoshop or other graphic programs, and I barter services for my promotional images, usually i barter BETA reading, but that is what works for me. Mainly because i enjoy BETA reading.
* Participate in Reader Group Hops. It is fun way to both promote your own works & invite your followers to meet new authors.
* Ask questions, and if you have an opinion on a discussion topic, share your point of view. I recently had a conversation with a fellow author about a WIP, and the way she explained her point of view helped resolve my issue

JQM Literary Chat Welcomes Cindy Koepp

JQM Literary Chat Welcomes Cindy Koepp



Tell us about yourself:


Well, hello there!

I’m a science fiction writer who also writes GameLit, fantasy, steampunk, and teacher resources. (One of these things is not like the others. 😀 ) Lately, I’ve been doing a good deal more GameLit because it’s fun!


When I’m not writing, I do crafty stuff, make quilts, tell hokey jokes, and collect hats (and wear them, of course. What good is a hat collection if you don’t wear them, right?)




Tell us about your book:


New cover Like Herding the Wind


The book I’m sharing with you today is called Urushalon 1: Like Herding the Wind. This tale takes place in a small coastal town in Texas in 1965.


An alien race called Eshuvani were headed across the galaxy in a generation ship. It experienced a major malfunction and crashed on Earth in 1612. In an effort to avoid interfering with the local populations, the Eshuvani split up and formed enclaves in various places around the world. For the most part, they kept themselves to themselves, but every once in a while, a human and Eshuvani would form a relationship. One would adopt the other as an “urushalon,” and they remained good friends for life.


In the 1920s, when he was 3 years old – almost 4 – Ed Osborn got lost while his family was camping near one of the Eshuvani enclaves near Marquette, Michigan. His parents went to the nearest Eshuvanikiandarai station, a sort of combination emergency medical and police station, to recruit help. Amaya Ulonya, the kiand or captain of the station, set out with them to find Ed. After some hunting, she located him, and he adopted her as his urushalon.


Fast forward to 1965. Now Ed is a sergeant in the Las Palomas police department. Criminals from the Eshuvani enclave nearby are harassing humans, and his officers are getting hurt. Amaya, who still lives in Michigan, arranges to take over a new kiandarai station near Las Palomas that will serve as a liaison between the humans and Eshuvani. One problem: her boss isn’t keen on humans and would like to see the whole relationship disintegrate. He does everything he can to make that happen.


Like Herding the Wind relates how Ed and Amaya investigate the problem. When they get to the end, they find it’s a bigger mess than they first thought.


Later this spring, Urushalon 2: Into the Open will be released and continue the investigation.




What influenced you to write your current genre?


I don’t remember. Really. I’ve been writing sci-fi, superhero stories, fantasy, and other sorts of speculative fiction longer than I can remember.


I do like science, though, so wondering “what if…” with the latest science notion to cross my brain probably has something to do with it.


Who are your favorite authors?


OOOOoooo… That’s a list.

Um… Let’s do it by genre.


Science fiction: Janet Kagan, Gordon R. Dickson, Kathy Tyers

Kid books: Jude Watson, Bruce Hale, Mo Willems

GameLit/LitRPG: S.L. Rowland, David Petrie, Charles Dean

Superhero: Aaron DeMott, Brian K. Morris, Adam Graham

Other: Victor Hugo



What are your favorite books?


Janet Kagan: Hellspark

Gordon R. Dickson: Childe Cycle

Kathy Tyers: Firebird

Jude Watson: Jedi Apprentice

Bruce Hale: Chet Gecko

Mo Willems: Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

S.L. Rowland: Sentenced to Troll

David Petrie: Pixel Dust: Party Hard

Charles Dean: Bathrobe Knight

Aaron DeMott: Etherno: Rise of the Dragongirl

Brian K. Morris: Skyman Battles the Master of Steam

Adam Graham: Tales of the Dim Knight

Victor Hugo: Les Miserables


Who are your favorite literary characters?


I tend to be drawn to characters who are goofy (the entire cast of Chet Gecko, Kira in Party Hard, the crew of Tales of the Dim Knight, the silly roommate in Etherno, Limery in Sentenced to Troll, etc) or characters who are compassionate (Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Brennan in Firebird, Qui-Gon Jinn in Jedi Apprentice, etc).


Is there anything you want to share with potential readers?


Find me at an author event or con and get some great stories, cool swag (featuring artwork by Bill Sartain ( and Matt Ostrom (, and dragons. In fact, take advantage of the Book-Wyrm special! My newsletter will fill you in on which cons and events I’m going to this year.


Where can we go to learn more about you and your literary works?


The two best places to learn about me and the crazy stuff I write:

My webpage (sign up for my newsletter while you’re there):

Find me on social media:


Quick Note On Yesterday

I do apologize for not posting yesterday.  I was busy celebrating my twin girls birthday, and completely forgot about my Tuesday post.  Please forgive me for the lapse, I hope you had a great day yesterday, and I’ll share my thoughts on this months theme, editing, tomorrow



JQM LITERARY SPOTLIGHT PRESENTS Shadow of the Crown by Amber Morant

JQM LITERARY SPOTLIGHT PRESENTS Shadow of the Crown by Amber Morant

I am half Japanese and grew up in a psuedo Japanese culture. This has helped with influencing many of my books and mythos.
Dungeonpunk/Grimdark. The audience is mostly 20-30 year old women who read books by authors like George RR Martin.
My biggest inspiration was my angst filled days growing up. It was where to story had originated. Many characters had lasted over the years with some only changing names and others going from protagonist to antagonist. Beyond that, so many books, movies, shows, and video games have inspired me and my writing. At times you can find those Easter Eggs scattered through my books as a sort of nod to the inspiration.
Anjuu has been trained to become the deadliest assassin in Narishma. Persecuted by elves now stands at the pinnacle of society thanks to the Queen conquering the country. Her latest mission: to kill the rebellion growing within the countryside. But not everything is as clear as Anjuu had learned in the dark halls of the castle. Truths will unfold as the assassin closes in on her target. Tosh has grown to become an elf of education and expeditions, thrust into the quarries to serve under the Drow Queen. The vengeance he seeks against the queen only grows after he escapes with the help of Narishma’s God Devata. Accompanied by a sprite, Tosh sets out to find the next Dragon Guardian and destroy the very government that enslaves his people. A country under war. Magic and technology blending together. A mission that will take the races of Narishma on an adventure that will show where true loyalty rests and the sacrifices that must be made to maintain order.
You can purchase in on amazon at

My Thoughts on “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne

My Thoughts on “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne


As some of you may remember, I am huge fan of classic literature, and I was so excited when this book finally reached the top of my ever growing TBR list.

I have enjoyed all of Jules Verne’s book I have read thus far, and this one did not disappoint.  I loved going on the adventure to the center of the earth, awed and amazed by the extraordinaire journeys under the surface of the earth and inspired by the trials the adventurers faced and overcame while on their journey.

It was a delightful read for me, and I highly recommend it to all fans of adventure stories or classic literature.



JQM Literary Chat Welcomes Dan Peyton

JQM Literary Chat Welcomes Dan Peyton



Dan Peyton


(As a side from me, JQM, Dan has graciously offered me the opportunity to share some of his original artwork in this interview so I have looked through his albums and chosen some of my personal favorite to include.  More of his work can be found in his Facebook Author page, link provided at the bottom of the interview)




Tell us about yourself:

I was born and raised in the middle of oklahoma. Spent 18 years in east tennessee then recently moved to michigian just outside of detroit. I am an honorary member of the sigma alpha iota. I spent twelve years as a performer in music and dance with the Okinawan Miyagi Ryu Nosho Kai. Sunday school teacher, christian apologetics researcher, award winning cook, artist, and musician. I am a long time member of the Embroiderers Guild of America where I learn and teach embroidery. Finally, I am the creative consultant for the online game Heroes Rising.



What influenced you to write your current genre(s)?

Reading both sci-fi and fantasy growing up. My mother encouraged me to enjoy these genres as they were her favorites. I also love watching science fiction and fantasy movies.



Who are your favorite authors?

Charles Dickens. Judith and Garfield Reeves, John M. Ford,




What are your favorite books?

The Harry Potter Series, A Christmas Carol, How Much for Just the Planet.



Who are your favorite literary characters?

Wow, hard to say. I love a good Wizard character. Not just a wizard, like Gandalf, but the wizard leader who uses experience and sage wisdom to guide others.




Is there anything you want to share with potential readers?

I write because I love to entertain. Some of my work carries a message, but ultimately I want people to enjoy my work.






Where can we go to learn more about you and your literary works?

I am highly active on my professional facebook page. You can find my books on, Barnes and Noble, as well as many other book selling sites.



Peyton Preview


The United $0.99 Kindle Sale

So, i just wanted to let you all know

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Master Serv YouTube Links


As a bit of fun cross-promotion for the Burning Embers Spring 2020 HOP, I have invited Naservin Mastrov “Master Serv” to do a handful of excerpts.  Check them out!

Retelling of Sykar the Prologue:

Hunter by Joanna White:

Dragon Blood by Katie Cherry:

Bane of Ashkirath by Ariel Paiement:

Daughter of Magic by Karen Eisenbrey:

And this final one has nothing to do with the Hop, but it is my favorite Master Serv reading to date, The Pirate Empress by KR Martin:



If you are interested in joining the hop, and being entered into a random drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift and amazing Ebook Bundle, the hop starts here on JQM’s Author Page:


JQM LITERARY SPOTLIGHT PRESENT The Grace Table: Your Grace Legacy by Julia Melatis

JQM LITERARY SPOTLIGHT PRESENT The Grace Table: Your Grace Legacy by Julia Melatis

I am a writer, speaker, and the founder and of Hope & Joy Ministries. Throughout my childhood in Pennsylvania I spent my time singing in the church choir and dancing ballet. I raised my family in California. I’ve done children’s, youth, and/or women’s ministries for well over 3 decades. A Mother to three adult children, and Grammy to five, I now live in Missouri with my husband of 40 years.
The Grace Table: Your Faith Legacy is a Christian living book primarily aimed to women. The primary goal of the book is to help women share their story/testimony of God’s work in their lives on an organic way in a relaxed, relational setting. I also offer chapters on personal growth, parts of ky personal testimony, a reference section to aid in making use of the book in Bible study and retreat settings, as well as how-to hints for having your own gatherings around The Grace Table.
The Lord inspired me to write this book from a retreat I had written and led. I expanded those materials which were designed to show how we can use hospitality as a tool to reach out and share God’s love and our testimony in social settings over a meal.
I share from my story and God’s Word about how we can model Christ in our daily lives, but The Grace Table is so much more than a “how-to” book. It’s a Bible study, a spiritual growth manual, a hospitality and fellowship handbook, a retreat guide, a mini-concordance of fear, courage, worry, hope, and confidence Scriptures, and a Scriptural prayer book; all with the goal of leaving the most precious of all treasures as a legacy for family, friends, and others– of faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation and eternal life. I recommend each reader use a journal or a notebook to make use of the Ponder and Pray and Journaling Prompts sections at the end of each chapter.  I share Scripture throughout the book, quoting several different translations to help with understanding the richness of God’s Word. Throughout The Grace Table: Your Faith Legacy I encourage women to gather around tables in ministry and fellowship for personal and spiritual connections.
Book Reviews

My Thoughts on Fallen Warriors by Mark Anderson Smith

My Thoughts on Fallen Warriors by Mark Anderson Smith


“Fallen Warriors” is a thriller written Mark Anderson Smith.

As many of you already know, I am not a fan of the thriller genre. I am Speculative Fiction, and mostly even then I am mostly a fantasy guy.  But, I am always willing to try new genres.

Now, as a preface, I will admit that I kept waiting for a dragon to appear or a wizard or someone to have the ability to fly or something awesome like that.  The closest I got was the Hand of God being made manifest in the mortal realm by means of miracles and answered prayers.  So, I guess that’s all right.

Now, as many here may already heard me say, I am getting ready to write a Christian Thriller novel that is based in the Realm of the Light, it will be the backstory to a character who plays a minor role in “Shades of Mortality, The Realm of the Light Book 4.” So the timing of finding this Christian Thriller on my read list was perfect.

In researching how to write Christian Thrillers, and other Christian genres, it was explained to me that the author needs the perfect blend of plot and Christian values.  And I thought Smith did a FANTASTIC job at incorporating Christian values and beliefs into the plot, and help move the plot.  At no point did I think his story was over bearing religiously or that the plot was dragging.

I was sucked into the characters lives, experienced their own individual lives journeys.  I was amazed and inspired at how some characters found God in their lives, some refused to accept God in their lives, and yet God brought people together when they needed each other.

On the whole, it was a quick, enjoyable, and inspirational read.

I enjoyed it a great deal, and am kicking myself for letting such a wonderful story get lost in my read list.





Mornin Friends.


Today I wanted to share with you an interesting blog post i recently discovered about pintrest.


A Guide to Using Pinterest for Authors