Down Under Book Tour

Down Under
The Falau Files Book 6
by Mike Gomes
Genre: Thriller
Some people just need to die.
The banks of Australia are not safe with the “Rock n’ Roll Bandits”
on the loose. Hitting bank after bank they have amassed a small
fortune. Now working with the fearless underground leader with
terrorist ties, the Dragon, the sky is the limit. Everything seems to
be perfect. Little do they know that “The System” has
called on Michael Falau to put an end to their criminal ways. What
follows is a fly by the seat of your pants adventure that runs across
the south of Australia and throws Falau at the highest risk he has
ever had. To infiltrate the group he will have to do things he never
thought imaginable. With only his guts and cunning he will have to
find a way to bring in the outlaws before they learn who he is and
kill him.
From the bestselling author Mike Gomes comes the 6th book in the Falau
Files. If you love action packed adventure and some grit in your
thrillers then this is the book for you. Pick up your copy of Down
Under today!
**easily read as a standalone!**
**Only .99 cents!!**
Mike Gomes loves writing fast paced, action packed novels for Adults. The
desire to create fun, page turning books that lets readers slip away
into another world is what drives him to write. Mike lives with his
wife and four children in Massachusetts.
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Excerpt from Down Under

The white windowless van sat at the corner of Union Street and King Street with the summer heat beating down on it. The casing of metal made the temperature rise inside the van and Newcastle, Australia was showing no signs of clouds to lighten their misery.

A bead of sweat ran down the cheek of the man sitting in the driver’s seat of the van as he looked diligently out the front window. The man took a long and slow drag off the cigarette sitting in his fingers and the smoke swirled around his face. The blue eyes were unwavering in their task and the blond hair on his head was a tousled mess, much like the surfer boys out on the beaches all summer.  

Come on Marty, just crack the window.” said a voice from the back seat, not getting the blond man to look back at him.

Shut up, Terry. You will have your chance to be on the street soon.” said Marty, taking another drag from the cigarette. “You boys know the deal on this one just like the rest.”

No problem. Just give us the word.” said the man sitting in the passenger seat with gritted teeth and a toothpick between them.

Tommy, you ready for this?” asked Marty

No problem, boss.  Just give me the word.” he said, pulling the slide on his .45 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun before placing it in his belt.

He’s a killer if you ask me, Marty.“ said Charlie with a wide grin covering his face.

Ok, boys. Let’s gear up.” said Marty, pulling himself out of the front seat and moving to the back of the van changing into his outfit like the rest.

The men wore a coordinated outfit of black shoes, black pants, white shirt, black tie, and black jacket. Pulling the rifles off the wall of the van, the AK-47 was the weapon of choice. The older models were the ones that they could get their hands on due to the strict gun laws in Australia, but the Soviet era assault rifles were more than enough for the job they had at hand.

Sliding on the plastic masks that covered the whole head, the members of the team took on the resemblances of the musical group the Beatles.

Marty placed his hand on the door and started his countdown with the face of John looking back at the others. “In three, two, one, GO!”

The strong hand gripped down hard on the lever and pulled the door to the side exposing the four men as they took to the street. Marty followed the others to the corner leaving the side of the van open and waiting.

Getting to the corner Terry pulled the door to the Midtown National Bank open and let the others funnel in as fast as possible before closing the door behind them and standing guard.

Get the fuck down!” screamed Marty as he fired the AK47 into the air dropping down all the people into the room as well as a shower of plaster from the ceiling.

The butt end of Tommy’s AK47 found its mark striking down on the back of the head of the guard that was standing beside the door just as he had each time they had come into the bank previously to learn the positioning of all the players that worked here each day.

Ninety seconds, boys!” yelled out Terry, looking at an oversized watch on his wrist.

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Guest Post from Mike Gomes

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

A: This is a book I have been kicking around for a while.  The idea came out of watching one of the nature shows on National Geographic. They looked at Australia and the vast differences around the country. So many people on the other side of the world know about Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef but don’t know about the other major cities in the country.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: I love writing the Falau series. I had an email from a fan and he called the style of writing “Grit Lit” because my antihero struggled with the basic questions of right and wrong. He is not rich or powerful in any way. In fact he lives in the hard section of the city of Boston. He is a guy just holding on.

Q: Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?

A: I have had one spin off series that just started called The System. The story tells the origins of the secret organization that Michal Falau becomes part of.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Down Under?

A: There is the usual cast of characters like Michal Falau, Tyler, Grady and the judges. The real fun came in with the bad guys. I created a group of bank robbers that dress up as the Beatles and are called “The Rock N’ Roll Bandits” There is a lot of room for some humor in that!

Q: How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

A: I am a Beatles fan so I liked taking them from the mop tops we knew to the being the guys that are robbing a bank at gun point.

Q: Where did you come up with the names in the story?

A: The names of my main characters are pulled from the genealogy of my family and thinking those people get memorialized in some strange way. The bad guys I like to have every day names. Apart from  young adult and teen books I think the work put in making the bad guys sound so scary is wasted. It’s the ordinary guy who is evil that is so scary.

Q: What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

A: I love the research. I am a huge fan of Google Earth. I can put myself down on any street in any place in the world and look around. I can use the real name of parks and streets. When my stories have a chase in a car or on foot you can go to Google earth and follow it as you read.

Q: Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

A: Michael Falau is the main character and who the series is named for. He is a likable guy that make you scratch your head wondering why he does some of the things he does. All too often he can get caught up with the thinking that the ends justify the means. When he meets up with his old friend Tyler he joins The System that Tyler is a recruiter for.  The System is a group of Judges that are hidden and they find cases where people who are obviously guilty of major crimes go free for numerous reasons. Men like Falau bring these people back in for a second secret trial.

Q: How did you come up with the title of your first novel?

A: the tile of the first novel is The Fixer. The name came from my two oldest boys riding in the car. I was telling them the plot line and letting them add in their ideas and spit ball different things. One of us and I am not sure who shot that out and it just stuck in my head.

Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

A: Down Under is a very solid book.  I have had over 100 people read it before launching it to the public. I think they caught everything that was a question mark. Now if you had asked me that question two months ago I would have had a long list.

Q: Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?

A: Oh yes. At least one time per book I will write something  and realize that I was writing about myself or something in my life. It is normally the emotion that is coming though not the exact text. At one point in Down Under one of the characters is talking about his mentally disabled sister and what happened to her. I have worked with mentally disabled people for over twenty years so that emotion I have felt so many times by hearing the stories of people who got their disability from accident rather than birth.

Q: If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?

A: Michael Falau is a very hard core guy and he is a Boston guy. I think Mark Walberg would be great because he is a tuff Boston guy for real. Another guy would be Edward Norton. He is such a powerful actor he could push the character to new limits. The last guy that come to mind is Miles Teller. His ability to totally take on his character is amazing to me. In Whiplash he is a completely different person than he is in Bleed for This when he is playing boxer Vinny Pazienza. The other great thing about Miles is that he is just the right age.

Q: Anything specific you want to tell your readers?

A: Give the Falau Files books a chance. The hardest thing for me is not writing an entreating and highly rated book. The hard part is getting the book into people’s hands. When people read one of the books they tend to read them all. I communicate by email and on Facebook all the time. I don’t think the discussion has to end with reading The End.

Q: What is your favorite part of this book and why?

A: My favorite thing about this book and all the books in the Falau series is the humor mixed in with the tension. Anyone who comes from Boston or knows someone from Boston knows the dark humor that the people have. I quick look at the comics that come out of Boston show the rugged background Falau comes from. Comics like Bill Burr, Dennis Leary, Steven Write, Lenny Clark, Steve Sweeny and Patrice O’Neill is a who’s who of “Grit Stand Up Comedy”

Q: If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you

do during that day?

A: I would love to spend time with Michael Falau. His humor is sharp and quick. The problem would be once I would see him with his self-destructive behavior I would be trying to help him rather than having fun.

Q: Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story? Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

A: My outlines normally get washed away by about chapter ten giving way to new ideas that come out the characters that develop in ways I never would have thought. I love when I am waiting to see what happens next like the reader will. That’s when I know it is good.

A Girl and Her Elephant Book Tour

A Girl and Her Elephant
The Animal Companions Series #1
by Zoey Gong
Genre: YA Adventure
All of the elephants wept as one of their own lay dying in childbirth.
But Kanita, the daughter of the royal elephant trainer, refused to
give up. With her own hands, she helped bring the baby elephant,
Safi, into the world, beginning a lifelong friendship between a girl
and her elephant.
But many of the villagers worried about the curse of the white elephant
with the red birthmark across her face.
Raised in the mountains of northern Siam, Kanita’s idyllic life is
shattered when she is ordered to marry a much older man and leave her
beloved yet cursed elephant behind. But Kanita’s stubborn nature
refuses to bow to her parents’ wishes.
Kanita and Safi flee their village with the goal of redeeming Safi from her
cursed reputation and cementing their bond, vowing to never be
But the jungle is more dangerous than Kanita or Safi could have
From new author Zoey Gong, follow Kanita and Safi through the jungles of
ancient Siam in a story of friendship, hope, and redemption.
A Girl and her Elephant is the first book in the Animal Companion
series, but each book is a stand-alone novel with new characters and
**Only .99 cents!**
ZOEY GONG was born and raised in rural Hunan Province, China. She has been
studying English and working as a translator since she was sixteen
years old. Now in her early twenties, Zoey loves traveling and eating
noodles for every meal. She lives in Shenzhen with her cat, Jello,
and dreams of one day disappointing her parents by being a Leftover
Woman (
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Fireweed Book Tour

The Manjian Chronicles Book 1
by M.J. Vieira
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Adventure
Fire cleanses and brings new life
In the far off land of Manji, two tribes live in a strained peace- the
magic wielding Manjians and the supernatural Vampires.
A delicate balance is kept between the two races who depend on one
another for survival. This peace is broken however when the fireweed,
or Io as it’s called, a mythical plant, grows once again within the
cursed land called the Barron. Named in aprophecy
that speaks doom for both races, the beautiful plant causes panic
within the Vampire community. But the bigger mystery comes when a
prisoner, thought dead, is found to be alive and has escaped into the
forbidden lands beyond the Vampire’s border.
Prince Jarek is sent to retrieve her, only to find his life set on a new
course when the true Io reveals herself as both a worthy adversary
and lover. Will the species survive her wrath? How much will the fire
MJ Vieira resides in Southern Maine with her husband, Alan, son, AJ, and
their St. Bernard, Roxy. As a child, she traveled around the state
with her parents, seeing the vast history the New England state had
to offer as well as touring the nation while showing her American
Quarter Horse. While traveling, she read many of the great authors of
the time including JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, CS Lewis and Ann Rice.
It is these writers combined with power of music, mainly hard rock
and folk, MJ draws her inspiration.
In between writing, MJ enjoys reading, collecting music and attending
concerts. Lux is the first installment in the Veritas series which is
MJ’s first published work.
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Excerpts from Fireweed

Excerpt One:

The field had once been full of life. Vegetation filled the base with leafy greens and was adorned by soft heathers and vibrant yellows. Trees reached for the sky, their tops nearly playing with the clouds that drifted in the atmosphere above. Animals moved in and out of the worn game trails drinking from the nearby stream or feasting on the nutrients the earth gave up. The area was at peace.

That was before the war. Before the Cleanse.

Before the Royals, the Zheng clashed with the People, the Koa. After the battle, the bodies were left strewn about the field carelessly. The sun rose and they burst into flames. The Vampires’ corpses were consumed by fire, erasing all memory of who they were and who they would be. They burned for days before their ashes were consumed by the ground. No one knew how many spirits lay within the field. But it was no secret the spirits of the warriors who were slain there haunted the ground and contaminated the air. It was said the leader of the Dragons laid a curse on the land, allowing those violent and restless spirits to attack any who dared cross the barren land. Superstitions ran rampant across and kept the Vampires away.

Superstitions aside, this was truth: where life once sprang, death now reigned. All that was left of the plants were gnarled, charred roots of the towering trees which now stuck out from the ground like skeletal hands seeking refuge in the light of day.

A prophecy lay amongst the memories of the few who managed to live beyond the day the field burned. It is said that nothing would grow on the scarred land until a chosen warrior of the People came forth from the ashes. This time would be signaled by the growth of the Io, a flowering plant that represented fire and rebirth. It was rare and called Fireweed in the common tongue. The Io signaled the cleansing of the psyche, a changing of the times when the head blind Vampires would reclaim their magic and make amends for their genocide. Any unworthy who touched it would be burned and those who came with pure spirits would be healed.


Excerpt Two:

Thin fingers left his hair, trailed down his blood-painted hide and moved to the pants he still wore. Working the tie that held them, she released him with relish before tearing her own lower covering away. Without hesitation she moved her opening above him and worked him deep into her body with a twisting of her hips. Both watched each other’s faces as she took him, the pleasure evident for both of them. Her hips met his and they both waited, enjoying the moment of union before Jarek moved his head to the side, exposing his throat as she had for him. The female bent down, her hips now rocking, moving his cock around her tight hot sheath as she bit into his pale flesh for the first time. Pleasure rocked through him as her fangs penetrated in time with his shaft. He had to fight not to move faster, to slam her to the ground and thrust with all he had. There would be plenty of time for that.

She drank deeply as they mated, her glow casting an eerie glow about them along the cave’s walls and the water behind them. He could feel himself losing control, his seed ready to fill her but the need for her release was too strong for him to let go. She had taken so much of his blood his body felt light. Wrapping his hand in her long raven tendrils, Jarek pulled gently, telling her to release. She came back with parted lips, her eyes half closed in a drugged lethargy. Jarek smiled, a grin of fierce pride before his mouth crashed into hers and he did as he had been dreaming since he first took her. Pinning her to the ground, Jarek thrusted himself deep inside her. His crown hit her end repeatedly, causing her to cry out in

a mixture of pleasure and pain. Her hips met his each time, encouraging the rough movement. Arching beneath him, she gave a final, pleasure-induced cry as her orgasm caught, washing his shaft in scalding pleasure. A snarl, a feral yell of triumph left him and Jarek allowed himself to coat her insides with his seed. They came together, their psyches blending until they knew each other inside and out. Their souls danced and joined as they shared their blood and pleasure in a true Mating, one the Vampires had not seen in centuries. In a combination of pleasure and shock, the duo lay tangled on the sand, both trying to comprehend what they had just seen and done.


Excerpt from A Girl and Her Elephant

The cries of the elephant could be heard throughout the jungle.

Kanita could no longer ignore the elephant’s suffering. Even though her father—the king’s mahout—had warned her to stay away, she had to see what was happening for herself. She snuck out of her bedroom window and ran through the village to the royal stables where the white elephant was in heavy labor.

Even though it was late at night, the stables and yard were lit with torches, and mahouts were running here and there, trying to calm the rest of the elephant herd. But they seemed incapable of being consoled, and each one trumpeted in distress.

“Bring more hot water!” Kanita heard her father call to one of his men. “And my kris. I will have to cut the baby loose.”

Her father had asked for his dagger! The poor elephant, Kanita thought. If the elephant—one of the sacred white elephants—died, the king would be displeased. She moved a bale of hay to a stable window and climbed on top of it to get a better view.

On the floor of the stables was the large white elephant. She was straining to birth her calf into the world and tears seeped from her eyes.

She looked at Kanita, and Kanita’s heart froze in her chest. It was as though she could hear the elephant begging her for help.

The elephant’s wet eyes found Kanita’s, and she raised her trunk toward her.

Kanita jumped down from the hay bale and ran into the stables. She had to do something to help. As she entered the building, she saw her father walk behind the elephant with his kris.

“Por! No!” Kanita cried as she ran to him, pulling on his arm. “You’ll kill her.”

“Kanita!” he said sternly. “I told you to stay in the house with your mother. Get out of here.”

“No, I can help,” she said. She went to the elephant and looked at where the baby was supposed to come out. The area was red and swollen, but she thought she could see a trunk trying to wiggle out.

She had never helped birth a baby elephant before. As a girl, she was forbidden from becoming a mahout. But she had helped her mother bring a woman’s baby into the world just a few days before. It didn’t look so different to her. She just needed to reach inside and pull the baby out. And with her small hands and arms, she thought she was just the right size to do it.

She slid her hands inside the mother elephant.

“Be careful,” her father cautioned. “Can you feel the calf’s legs?”

She wasn’t sure what she was feeling. It was like nothing in the world she had touched before. She closed her eyes and let her hands do the seeing for her.

She felt it. The trunk. She could feel the length of it and the ridges up to the baby elephant’s face. She felt the trunk wrap around her arm.

“I feel its face!” Kanita cried.

“Keep going,” her father said.

She pushed further into the elephant, all the way to her shoulders. She slid her hands down the side of the baby elephant and gripped it under its front leg.

“I have it!” she said. “I have the leg!” She tried to pull it out, but she was not strong enough. “Help me!” she cried.

Her father wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled. “Don’t let go!” he ordered.

She could feel her hands start to slip, but she refused to release her grip. The baby elephant’s trunk wrapped even more tightly around her arm. She started to feel the baby elephant’s mass give way.

“It’s coming!” she yelled, and the mother elephant trumpeted again, forcing the baby out.

Kanita and her father fell backward as the baby elephant plopped out of her mother on top of them covered in birthing goo. The baby struggled, still partially trapped in her amniotic sack. Kanita’s father used his kris to cut the sack away.

The baby elephant took her first full gasp of air, and Kanita wrapped her arms around the baby, a baby that was probably ten times the weight of eight-year-old Kanita. A baby girl elephant.

“You did it,” her father said, patting her on the back.

Kanita breathed a sigh of relief, happy to have saved the baby elephant and her mother.

But then the mother elephant trumpeted again and let out a horrifying moan. Blood and other fluids poured out of the mother elephant, soaking the stable floor.

“Oh no!” Kanita cried as she stood, her chong kraben drenched with blood. Her feet slipped on the floor as she made her way to the mother elephant’s face.

The mother elephant groaned as Kanita stroked her face.

“I’m so sorry,” Kanita said. “I’ll take care of her. I promise.”

The mother elephant sighed one last time, her eyes focusing softly on Kanita as though she understood before closing them forever.

Kanita stood back and then kneeled, kowtowing to the white elephant, thanking her for her service to the king and honoring her as his representative. All of the mahouts in the stables—including Kanita’s father—did the same, as was proper. The rest of the elephants in the king’s stables—white and gray—let out a mournful trumpet, as though they all suffered from the loss of one of their own.

Kanita was the first to raise her head, as her thoughts were now with the baby elephant left behind. The baby elephant was sitting up, its eyes wide, apparently confused about what was going on. Kanita raised the baby’s trunk and coaxed her to follow. She led her to her mother so she could nurse. Even though the mother was dead, the milk she made in preparation for her baby should still be good for the baby’s first drink.

As the men discussed what to do next with the deceased royal elephant—they would have to inform the king and then hold a royal procession for her.

Kanita grabbed a bucket of water and started washing the baby. As she did so, she was greeted with an incredible sight.

“Por!” she called to her father. “Look!”

Her father and some of the other mahouts came to see what she was excited about.

“Well, I’ll be…” her father trailed off as he sunk to his knees.

The baby—like her mother—was a white elephant.

Once again, everyone in the stables—including Kanita—prostrated themselves before an auspicious elephant.

“Is this the first time a white elephant has been born in captivity?” Kanita asked after they all were standing again.

“King Sakda is truly a blessed monarch,” her father said.

“Hey, boss,” one of the mahouts said, calling her father to him. He went to him, and the two talked quietly for a moment, frowning at the baby elephant.

“What is it?” Kanita asked. She went to her father’s side and realized what they were looking at.

The baby elephant had a long red birthmark down one side of her face. On her pale pink skin—white elephants were not really white, but only a pale gray or pink in color—the mark showed dramatically.

“It’s nothing,” Kanita said, remembering that her friend Boonsri had a red birthmark on her back. “She’s still a white elephant. We will still honor her.”

“It’s a bad omen elephant, boss,” the other mahout mumbled.

“Don’t say that!” Kanita yelled.

“Enough,” her father said firmly. “I will send an urgent message to the king, telling him what happened and about the new white elephant. In all his wisdom, he will know what to do.”

“We should take good care of her,” Kanita said. “The king will want to know his auspicious elephant is well cared for.”

Kanita went over to the little elephant, who had now finished drinking her mother’s milk, and led her to a clean area of the stables. She finished washing and drying the elephant and laid her on a fresh bed of straw.

“Don’t worry,” Kanita said as she laid down with the elephant, wrapping her arms around her. “I won’t let anything happen to you, Safi, my sweet little friend.”

But in her heart, she worried about the mahout calling the baby elephant a “bad omen.”